Kings of Convenience Update

Emerging as frontrunners of the so-called ‘Bergen Wave’ at the start of the noughties this whispering duo caused quite a stir on foreign shores, even being upheld as the leaders of a new movement named ‘Quiet is the New Loud’ after their first album proper. That initial interest died down somewhat by the time Erlend Øye kingsand Eirik Bøe came to release their sophomore effort, Riot On An Empty Street, but that album was every bit as lovely as the first, acoustic textures and blissful harmonies interweaving to create some of the nicest music of recent years.

It’s been some time since that record now, as Bøe turned to local politics, family life, and his similarly pleasant side-project Kommode, and Øye created the best album in the excellent DJ-Kicks series and eloped to Berlin to front dream-pop lovelies The Whitest Boy Alive.

The pair are back together now, however. They’ve played a couple of low-key gigs on the west-coast of Norway, in Stavanger and their local Bergen, and informed hungry fans via their myspace that much of the recording for the forthcoming record took place in Mexico. Further concerts scheduled for this June in Sweden had to be cancelled because Øye broke his hand, but more are planned for the summer and, although no date, title or tracklisting has yet been confirmed, it seems that a release sometime this year is a safe bet. Either way anyone lucky enough to catch the acoustic duo in concert will certainly be treated to some long-awaited new material.

Loads of free live mp3’s courtesy of the Kings of Convenience Appreciation page.

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