First Names For Ekko Fest

Bergen’s Electronic Music and Art Festival; Ekko, has released a few tantalising details about this years bash, with the promise of further revelations on Wednesday 2nd of July. 36359.Ungdomskulen6_Eiirk_Lande[1]Canadian instrumentalists Holy Fuck, local punk-jazz collective Syntax Terrorkester and DJ Asel will all be playing at the event, which last year boasted performances from Sissy Wish, Skatebård, Ungdomskulen, Rubies, Familjen, Metronomy and Robyn collaborator Kleerup alongside Dj sets from Bergen bigshots Datarock, Erlend Øye and Annie (although she was forced to cancel). The festival is also changing venues this time around, eschewing the arty and intimate Landmark building in favour of culture centre USF Verftet.

Ekko is scheduled for the 5th and 6th of September, and if you can’t afford the probably very reasonable entrance fee then the organisers are still looking for helpers: those wishing to exchange brains and brawn for a complimentary ticket can email .

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