Sondre Lerche To Play Bumbershoot Fest

Sondre Lerche will join Beck, Battles, Band of Horses and numerous other exciting bands (not all beginning with ‘b’) at Seattle’s eclectic Bumbershoot Festival at the end of August. The sondreappearance will no doubt consolidate Lerche’s profile across the pond after his acclaimed soundtrack to the Steve Carell film ‘Dan In Real Life’ fell on appreciative ears late last year. Lerche first made an impact outside his native Bergen (it really is quite the creative hotspot) with the release of his debut Faces Down in the US in 2002, and the follow up to that record, Two Way Monologue, unveiled two years later, found further favour among fans of Lerche’s mellow folk-pop. Two more albums and the recent soundtrack (which finds him collaborating with Regina Spektor, among others) have ensured that Lerche is well on his way to finding fame abroad.

Bumbershoot, Seattle’s Music and Arts Festival, takes place from August 30th to September 1st.

Mp3: Sondre Lerche & Regina Spektor – Hell No

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