Label Profile: Young Aspiring Professionals

One of the greatest frustrations for an innovative young band comes in the form of the restrictions and irritation of finding a label to market and circulate their new material in the cut-throat world of PR and executives. In 2004 Bergen’s Datarock found themselves in just such a position. Datarock’s ethos had always been a DIY one; banging out disco pop classics on a YAPlogo[1]toy-like Casio MT-64 keyboard and bringing all their mates onstage in identical red tracksuits to leap around to the strains of ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’, so to take this independent strain a bit further and release their music themselves was a logical next step. Thus Young Aspiring Professionals, or just YAP, was born. Datarock’s debut album, Datarock Datarock was therefore YAP’s first release too, and it was a huge success; the label has now released or sourced out the record in 10 countries. After this Datarock were not happy with merely releasing their own material on their new label, however, and three other artists were swiftly snapped up: ‘instrumental hard rock pioneers’ NOXAGT, raw punkrockers Quasimojo, who specialise in jarring, eighties-influenced, Hives-esque two-minuters, and Syntax Terrorkester, a seven piece punk/jazz (?!) collective that features horns and improvised vocals. After Datarock’s international success, expect YAP to grow and grow.

Mp3: Quasimojo – Daddy’s Little Girl

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