Professor Pez

Professor Pez are a Bergen band who started life in 2001 recording songs on a four-track in their living rooms, strumming and thumping instruments they couldn’t really play. But a little lack of technical ability is easily overcome by boundless enthusiasm, and the band soon became proficient and have since recorded three albums (although still largely in their living pez-795640[1]rooms) – and thank god they did! Professor Pez make charming and cheerful indie-pop which is somewhere in-between Swedish high-fliers Shout Out Louds and Peter Bjorn & John and more established American acts like Neutral Milk Hotel and The Magnetic Fields. Their latest album is called Hordaland, which is the region, or county, in which Bergen resides, and is thus monikered because, ‘although Hordaland is a very strange place, they firmly believe that a separation from the rest of the country would be in order as everything in Norway is run by dodgy businessmen with sunglasses in the capital Oslo.’

Mp3: The Perfect Test (from the 2005 album We Found The Beach, Where Is The Ocean)

Latest single ‘Papillon’, from Hordaland, is a lovely catchy track that could easily have been pulled from The Shout Out Louds’ latest long-player, and the video is a wonderful feel-good romp, featuring hugging Robin Hood characters, ninjas with plastic swords, a monk reading The Da Vinci Code, expensive(ish) looking stunts and, of course, a quest to save a pretty girl:

Professor Pez – ‘Papillon’

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