Norwegian Musicians United By Love Of… Prince?

Apparently what brings all Norwegian bands together, apart from their nationality obviously, is a shared love of The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince But preorder_shockadelica[1]Now Just Known As Prince Again. Music-makers from the most diverse and incompatible genres imaginable have all got together to contribute to a Prince tribute album called Shockadelica – 50th Anniversary Tribute To The Artist Known As Prince and the tracklist is so long that I think every one of Norway’s 4.7 million citizens has thrown their name into the mix. Well, there are 80 songs on an epic 5 discs anyway, and as the compilers state they have ‘gathered Norway’s finest jazz musicians, heavy metalists, pop, electro, rock, country, blues, gospel choirs, Norway’s most famous boy choir, avantgarde, soul, funk, jazz-rock, noise, humourists, singer/songwriters, hiphop-producers, Prince-coverbands and danceartists. Even the national symphony orchestra KORK is represented.’ It really does read like a who’s who of the main players in every worthwhile genre in modern Norwegian music: Minor Majority, Frost, The Loch Ness Mouse, Thom Hell, Bare Egil Band, Morten Abel, Ephemera, King Midas and Egil Olsen (but not the football manager one), to name but a few of the fresh-faced troubadours who have lent their considerable talents to the record. The album came out last week, so if you love Norwegian Music (yay!) and Prince (um…) then get buyin’, cos these babies are strictly limited edition!

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