Lindstrøm Reveals Debut Tracklist, But Pushes Back Release

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has released a lot of music since his emergence on the Oslo electronica circuit in 2003, including numerous collaborations with compatriot and fellow producer Prins Thomas, the acclaimed EP collection It’s A Feedelity Affair two years back and a slew of remixes. Apparently none of these constitutes a full debut, however, rather that honour goes to the forthcoming Where You Go I Go Too, which was due for release last week. For unstipulated reasons our expectant ears will 939[1]unfortunately have to wait until August 18th, as the record has been delayed. The keen-eyed, or should that be keen-eared, folks at Pitchfork have revealed a few details about the album to keep us going though, including some teasing tidbits from Mr Lindstrøm himself.  Apparently the sound on Where You Go I Go Too is “the opposite of minimalism,” and the record is divided into just three epic songs: “All the tracks are between 10 and 30 minutes long… and it might be a challenge for some people to listen to it from start to end. It’s perfect for a long walk with headphones, or when travelling by train or aeroplane.” Just the thing for making all that late-summer journeying that little bit more bearable then.

If August is just too far away, however, bosom pal Prins Thomas has cut one of the new tracks down to a less challenging six minutes or so:

Mp3: Lindstrøm – ‘The Long Way Home’ (Prins Thomas Edit)

Not taking up much space, here’s that tracklist:

Where You Go I Go Too:
01 Where You Go I Go Too
02 Grand Ideas
03 The Long Way Home

Meanwhile those of you in France or Germany will have the brief chance to experience the new material in a live environment, as Lindstrøm will jet into Toulouse and Berlin on an equal billing with his laptop:

28 Jun 2008, 20:00 –  Lindstrøm Laptop Live @ Les Siestes Electroniques Festival, Toulouse

4 Oct 2008, 20:00 – Lindstrøm Laptop Live @ Watergate / Berlin

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