Turbonegro Guitarist On Road To Recovery

Back in March Euroboy, axe-wielder-in-chief for glam-punk dinosaurs Turbonegro, was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease; a type of lymphona, and luckily one of the most curable forms of cancer. This was understandably a traumatic shock for the guitarist (a.k.a Knut Schreiner) and the band, and Turbonegro was forced to cancel an appearance at the prestigious Coachalla festival in the Colorado Desert, but it seems that Euroboy is wellturbonegro_2457_11[1] on the way to recovery. In an update on his condition on the band’s website the guitarist stated “I expected the treatment to be a bit hellish, but it’s actually not that bad. Ironically, I was the first one I knew of to be “googling for wigs”, as we’re singing in Hell Toupee. But fortunately for a rocking cat like meself, I haven’t lost my hair (yet). It also looks like I won’t be allowed into the handicapped area, rolling in on a wheelchair, at this summer’s stadium concerts in Oslo. Seriously, the treatment doesn’t wear me out. I’m basically able to carry on as normal, just staying at home and taking it a little easy.” Like any rocker worth his salt Euroboy isn’t letting his treatment get in the way of making music, however, revealing that “Tom and me sat down to write some new shit. (Now we finally have the chance to take use of the old turbo working album-title “TUMOURS” with certain credibility). One of the new songs, entitled Destroy All Monsters, was recorded this weekend. It’s our first recording to feature our new drummer Tomas Dahl. The song is a dark, almost industrial-sounding mid tempo rocker, with a great chorus, if you ask us. It’s going to be used on the soundtrack for the Age of Conan online game.” You just can’t keep these guys down!

Members of the Turbojugend can catch their heroes on their remaining European dates this summer, including a full performance of most famous album Apocalypse Dudes at Øya Festival, and hopefully Kurt will be there for those shindigs, preferably with a full head of hair. Get well soon!

Euro Dates

14/6 – Hartera Festival, CRO
4/7 – Kongsvingerdagene, Kongsvinger, NOR
11/7 – Fotballflora, Florø, NOR
12/7 – Norway Rock Festival, Kvinesdal, NOR
17/7 – Gurten Festival, SWZ
2/8 – Putte I Parken, SWE
7/8 – Øya Festival, NOR
22/8 – Rocco del Schlacko Festival, Püttlingen, GER

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