Annie Briefly Offers Album Sampler, Wants You In Next Video!

Bergen pop-princess Annie has launched her new website as she prepares to unleash sophomore release Don’t Stop in September. Alongside the usual offering of videos, bio, gig dates etc, the site briefly let impatient Annie fans have a listen to a snippet of each track off the new album, although this function has since frustratingly been disabled. While you wait for annie_dont_stop-717237[1]this mouthwatering medley option to be reinstated the dancers among you have a once in a lifetime chance to get far closer to Annie and her new material than any tantalising album taster ever could: she wants you in her video! As Annie outlines, all you have to do is send in a clip of you throwing shapes to Don’t Stop‘s flagship single ‘I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me’ and the winner will end up in the singer’s next promo, gracing tv’s across the world. And Annie’s own best dance-move? ‘I don’t really have one’, she begins in the video, ‘but I guess it goes something like this (cue drunken ninja impression)… that wasn’t too good was it’. You know what Annie, no it wasn’t, but we still love you.

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