Ralph Myerz Make It On GTA IV Soundtrack, But Miss Kiss

Yes, the world’s most popular computer game is united with possibly the world’s most entertaining live band: Bergen Kiss-lovers and purveyors of finest rocktronica(?) Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren band have found their way onto the in-game radio soundtrack of the recently released Grand Theft Auto IV. ‘The Teacher’ from the 2006 album Sharp Knives and Loaded Guns is the track in question, which surely exposes the trio to a far wider audience than their music has ever met with before. Are the band unhappy that their tune will be the 104401-article-vtlpk[1]accompaniment to millions of kids dealing drugs and shooting hookers? Um… no. ‘We are soundtracking the sweet sweet violence in the worlds most KICK ASS game!!’ they trumpet on a recent blog update.

Meanwhile drummer Tarjei Strøm was recently forced to make a difficult choice. Strøm had dreamed for years of seeing heroes Kiss perform in his home town, but the irresistible opportunity to tour in the US with pals Datarock reared its head at the same time as the glam-metal legends confirmed a first concert in Bergen in June. Let’s hope for his sake (if nobody else’s) that Kiss return one day.

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