Diskjokke In A Town Near You, Offers Free Live Recording

Diskjokke, or Joachim Dyrdahl as this Oslo-based music-maker is more prosaically monikered before he changes into his dj-ing supersuit in a nearby phonebox, has been steadily garnering enthusiastic reviews and an ever swelling fanbase after the release of his debut longplayer Staying In on Smalltown Supersound earlier this year. British and American journos have been desperately trying to outdo each other in praising the man who is at the forefront of the so called Oslo-disco scene. Staying In is a ‘mini-masterpiece’, gushed the UK’s The Guardian. ‘Technically impressive and effortlessly appealing’ Pitchfork countered, before the good old BBC triumphantly trumpeted that ‘Staying In just might be the new going out if it’s159.x600.clubs.smalltown.open[1] as much fun as this.’

Still not convinced? Then let the man himself win you over. Fresh from flogging his wares at the Molde Jazz Festival Diskjokke, clearly not a guy to rest on his laurels, is trekking across Europe and the US in various guises bringing his bubbly blend of Italo-disco and glacial Scandinavian electronica to a club near you:

29 Jul: Glasgow – the Buff Club (as Diskjokke Laptop Live)
01 Aug: Strømstad – Sunset Vibes Festival (as Diskjokke Laptop Live)
02 Aug: Eastnor Castle – Big Chill Festival (dj set with VinnyVillbass)
08 Aug: Oslo – Oya Festival (as Diskjokke Band)
09 Aug: Oslo – Sunkissed Boat Trip (dj set with Vinny Villbass)
18 Aug: Oslo – Cosmo (dj set)
22 Aug: Stockholm – Debaser Medis (as Diskjokke Laptop Live)
29 Aug: Copenhagen – Karrierebar (dj set)
05 Sep: Stavanger – NuMusicFestival (as Diskjokke Band)
06 Sep: Oslo – The Villa (dj set with VinnyVillbass & Style of Eye)
10 Sep: US tour Sept 10-15 Venues TBA (as Diskjokke Laptop Live)
20 Sep: Barcelona – The Loft (as Diskjokke Laptop Live)

If you don’t live near one of those towns, or just want a taste of the Diskjokke live experience then Joachim has an answer to that as well, as he’s offered up a free download of a recent live show. Is there anything Diskjokke can’t do?

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