Fame And Fortune? Lionheart Brothers Too Poor To Do British Tour

It seems that having a universally acclaimed album on both sides of the North Sea, being upheld as a shoegazing Beach Boys and being handpicked to join the Drowned In Sound Tour doesn’t necessarily translate into monetary success. Oslo’s The Lionheart Brothers have recently suffered a double blow as far as UK summer music festivals are concerned; first they had band_lionheart[1]to cancel their trip to Scotland’s Rock Ness festival because the helpful types at (budget) airline Ryanair wouldn’t let them take their equipment on the plane, and now the remainder of their British Festival dates have also been called off because The Lionheart Brothers simply don’t have enough wonga. ‘When we looked in our wallets we couldn’t find any money’ the band explain in an update, going on to reveal that this unfortunate situation is partly down to events closer to home:  ‘as you all know we lost a BIG income when the Quart-festival was washed down the drain..( not blaming anyone)’.

The cancelled dates are:

08 Aug: Leicester – Summer Sundae

10 Aug: Bristol – Bloom Festival

30 Aug: Stradbally Estate – Electric Picnic Festival

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as the band now have a lot more time on their hands to develop new material: ‘don’t wanna say too much but we are working on new sounds..’ they tentatively offer, ‘we’ve individually went(sic) underground, writing,thinking.loooking, fighting.. it’s been a long time since dizzy- and I don’t know quite where we’ll end up with this album yet, but there are some amazing wibez(sic) in the hood’.

Maybe they can find a minute to work on their grammar too…

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