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Nordic Music Prize 2011 Nominations

The Nordic Music Prize, an initiative affiliated with Oslo’s by:Larm showcase, handed its inaugural gong to Iceland’s Jonsi last year, and the nominations for its second incarnation have just been wittled down to a final shortlist.

Including the pick of the year’s records from Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark the award was modelled on the UK’s Mercury Music Prize. This year’s final shortlist includes:

Ane Brun – It all starts with one
Lykke Li – Wounded rhymes
Rubik – Solar
Gus Gus – Arabian horse
Malk De Koijn – Toback to the fromtime
Siinai – Olympic game
Björk – Biophilia
Iceage – New brigade
Montée – Renditions of you
Anna Järvinen – Anna själv tredje
Goran Kajfes – X/Y
The Field – Looping state of mind

The Norwegian albums in the longlist had been:

Razika – Program ’91
Lars Vaular – Du betyr meg
Jonas Alaska – Jonas Alaska
Team Me – To The Treetops!
Ane Brun – It All Starts With One
Stein Torleif Bjella – Vonde Visu
120 Days – 120 Days II
Montée – Renditions Of You
John Olav Nilsen og Gjengen – Det nærmeste du kommer
Martin Hagfors – I like you

Overall the Norwegian contingent looks a fair bit weaker than last year, where hit albums from Shining, Casiokids, Susanne Sundfør, Kvelertak and Lindstrøm & Christabelle were among those in the running. This time it is country-tinged songstress Ane Brun, who has enjoyed a considerable rise in popularity recently, even touring with Peter Gabriel, and kitsch pop revivalists Montée who are holding up the Norwegian end. They might not seem unduly likely to walk away with the winnings, but then the big names on the bill have hardly produced their best work this time around. Critical reception to Bjork’s multimedia effort Biophilia has been mixed, Lykke Li’s sophomore record has hardly sparked the interest of her debut, and some of the albums on show (sorry GusGus) are just plain crap. Let’s hope the jury are at least willing to throw a curveball.

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Röyksopp Album 3 To Feature Robyn, Lykke Li?

Of all the Norwegian artists to make inroads outside their home country Röyksopp have undoubtedly been the most successful in recent years. Anyone from Britain would have to have been living under a rock for the mellow downtempo electronica of Melody A.M and The Understanding to completely pass them by. But all that was so long ago, and, Back To Mine mixtape aside, all has been silent in the Röyksopp camp for far too long. 

royksopp[1]Information is slowly starting to filter through, however. The next album is due some time in 2008, and in an interview with BBC Radio 1 the band explained ‘we are now working on a third album which I hope will be finished some time this year and also, hopefully, released this year. I think, it’s safe to say this a bit more uptempo, there aren’t that much vocals compared to other two albums. We are back to more instrumental bits. It’s more progressive; not progressive like in “progressive house”, but more progressive as in “progressive rock”.’ It seems that the vocal parts that the band did decide to go with are worth getting excited about, however. Lykke Li is rumoured to be included, after she sang live on the new track ‘Korene’ in Molde last year, whilst the band have also reportedly confirmed that their love of Swedish pop queens doesn’t end there, hauling Robyn in to sing guest vocals on another song. Just rumours at this stage, but certainly worth getting excited about.

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